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1804 $10 Capped Bust Plain 4 PF65 ULTRA CAMEO STAR NGC
Today, only four "Plain 4" examples are known to exist! One resides in the incredible "King of Siam" collection, another in the Harry Bass collection and the remaining two are in private collections. We've had the privilege of placing one of these. It has always been felt by numerous numismatic experts that this coin was undergraded - Upon resubmission, the example has recently been upgraded to PF65 ULTRA CAMEO with the coveted "Star" and a CAC designation increasing the value of this MONSTER !
The 1804 Plain-4 gold eagle is without a doubt the most remarkable coin ever minted by the US Mint!
It is, indeed, the "King of Eagles"
This is without question, the "Rarest" piece of US Gold in Proof condition!
There is no other US Proof gold coin that can even begin to challenge this example.
This is an opportunity of a Lifetime, to own this very unique, very rare, piece of American History!
It is simply "One of a Kind", never to be duplicated.
~The "Mona Lisa" of Rare Coins~