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Without a doubt this classic $10 gold proof is one of the rarest, most beautiful and desirable of all United States gold coins. The importance of this rarity can be substantiated by its stellar history. One of three known, tied with one other for finest certified, with the 3rd example safely tucked away at the Smithsonian Institution. It's the second example that has it's pedigree to the Virgil Brand and Francis Cardinal Spellman collections and reportedly traded hands many years ago for a spellbinding $1,000,000! This magnificent specimen has a storied past with one of the single most impressive pedigree lists in all of numismatic history, beginning with the incredible Lorin Parmelee collection which was considered the finest of the 19th century. Then owned by William H. Woodin who was the Secretary of the Treasury under Franklin D. Roosevelt, then to Colonel E. H. R. Green who at the one time owned all five 1913 Liberty Nickels. Then passing to the very colorful and pragmatic King Farouk, the famous Egyptian monarch who had unmatched love for rare coins and owned the 1933 $20 Saint Gaudens that recently sold for over $7 million. Passing to the John Jay Pittman collection, who owned the coin for more than 40 years until his death in 1996. The rarity of this coin cannot be understated as the $10 gold series was stopped in 1804 and not minted again until 1834, 34 years later this being the 1st Proof $10 as with a rarity factor. So much to say for a breathtaking coin as this...A coin for the ages, a coin of impeccable rarity and beauty.

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