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Albanese Rare Coins, Inc. is proud to present the acquisition and sale of a Proof Double Eagle Classic Rarity - The 1861 Type 1 PF67 Ultra Cameo certified by NGC.  This is the finest known and by far “one of the most beautiful eye appealing proof gold treasures we’ve ever viewed!”…“This coin is so exquisite and flawless it has the look of a modern proof” stated Albanese Rare Coins of the example. Coins like these are so tough to come by most people have to wait a life time just to view such a masterpiece. This 1861 proof double eagle is the finest known for its date. Only 66 proof coins were recorded to have been minted this year with a mere 6 coins known to survive today. Of the 6 surviving coins, 4 are certified between both PCGS and NGC (this specimen being the finest known) along with one specimen in the Smithsonian Institute and one in the American Numismatic Society collection. The only other Proof example of this date that has seen the auction block in the past 20 years was the Harry W. Bass Jr. specimen in 1999 which was graded PR64 by PCGS.