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Here are a few comments from our friends & loyal customers...
Just recvd the 1909VDB 66RD. I am super pleased by the quality AND quick service!
I have ordered coins from u in the past few years,and no doubt will continue to order in the future!
Good Job!

Tom L.
I got my coin today and it is BY FAR the nicest coin in my collection!
The color is great with a lot of luster
Consider me another happy customer
thanks again
You have the BEST rare coin website I have seen. I am an Emarketer for a corporation and appreciate good websites when I see them. Congratulations. The only drawback to your site is drooling over those amazing rarities that you feature. The ms-69 $5 liberty is sensational as are many others!
Chris H. B .
WOW, just like you advertised. The best thing are the pictures, I can look at professional pictures when my coins are in safety deposit box. I think you know what I like -- so if you get more in please let me know. I will keep checking the web site but do not want to miss one.
Thanks again -

Bottom line for me is that your website has lots of eye appeal and grabs my attention....but more importantly is that you offer wonderful coins that are beautiful and seem to me to be the cream of the crop as far as eye appeal goes. It's easy navigating though to the check out and I do like the security features that you have in place. It makes me comfortable and not nervous. Also I like it that you put my purchase in the state-of-the-art intercept shield preservation box.
Gary B.

I received my Morgan today 85O 64 all safe and sound.
This was the first time I bought a coin based only upon a description (no pic available at the time), mostly based on your reputation. And I am very very happy with it and your shipping technique. I look foward to more substantial purchases with you in the future.
Lester C.
Your Images are as good as any I've seen and I really roam the Internet.
David M.
I received the coin yesterday, what a beauty! Your packaging was ingenious!
Kind Regards,
George S.
 I just want to tell you "what an incredible coin"! It's everything you said it was and more! Thanks so much, and hope to do more business in the near future!
Greetings !
Just a quick note to let you know my coin arrived today, and she's a keeper! I also want to thank you for enclosing the Intercept Shield boxes, MUCH appreciated! I enjoyed doing business with you, and I hope we can have a chance to do business again in the future, I've got you book marked and I'll check in periodically and see what's available!
Take good care, enjoy your day, and thanks again!
Dave G.
Lubbock Texas

You and your father took a chance on me with the 28 Saint. I'm very proud of the coin. I hope I didn't bother you with my questions. With you guys, there's time for the little fellow! Thank you both for being yourselves.
Dick S.
Mount Carmel, IL

I am sending this brief note to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your beautiful coins in Orlando. I also want to thank you for spending some time with me even though you knew I would not be making a purchase. You are a true gentleman. I hope you have a great year! I look forward to seeing you at the FUN Show...
Yours truly,
Michael O.
Boynton Beach, FL

I received the coin. A beautiful "work of art"!
Thanks as always
I enjoyed conversing with you yesterday...
you are as courteous as your coins are beautiful.
Brooks E. B.
Chief Judge - Superior Courts

I just wanted to drop you a note saying hello and how much I enjoy your site. It's far and above any other coin sites I've visited. Remember the site we put together years ago for fun? I have to say of the sites that I do professionally now, yours is of great layout & format and loads VERY quickly. I'm looking forward to reading your next Market Talk for good, honest, in-depth analysis of the coin market.
All the best to you and your family!
Dylan M.

Great website! Your page has a great look and moves around better than any coin dealers I've seen. Images of coins come up fast and look good. We were pulling them up at the office right after we spoke earlier today. The Proof Seated Dollar scan looked awesome, I think that is what sold it so fast. It is good to see the "Good Guys" succeed. That isn't always the case. If you ever need anything let me know... I'm willing to talk to your clients about their coins. I know your philosophy is that you just simply sell nice coins, but also thanks for your support of ICG.
I appreciate it greatly.
Keep in touch more often,
Keith Love - Founder & President
Independent Coin Grading (ICG)
These people are like family... that is just how you are treated, plus the quality of service and the great coins are icing on the cake. Truly collector oriented. Thank you.
Glen Robinson
Albuquerque, NM

I am totally impressed by the customer service here! There are a couple coin dealers I have dealt with on eBay who I felt just did not belong selling high end coins and really need to work at Wal-Mart. Well, you have a new client. Thank you so much!!
Best regards,
David T.
Chicago, IL
After a few visits, the verdict is in. You guys have put together a neat website with some great coins...
Dr. Tom W.

I received my 3 Cent Nickel today and wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the coin.
I have collected coins for years, but I am now shifting my collection strategy towards rare and high end coins. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase again from you and plan to visit your website periodically. Over the course of the next year, I hope to acquire fine examples of all obsolete denominations of a quality similar to the 3 Cent Nickel. Please feel free to email me when you receive an item which you think may fit in my collection... Thanks again.
Roy C.
Your website is superb!
Robert B.
Received my 1909 Indian Cent yesterday and am VERY HAPPY with the coin. I have marked your website as one of my favorites and hope to do some more business with you in the future. I used to think that Heritage had the best website, but I like yours better. You have a detailed description about every coin, regardless of the price, and your photos are first rate. You sure have a nice selection of quality coins, and I can appreciate the effort it takes to photograph each one. I also appreciated the quality service I received... I wish you continued success.
Glenn S.
Hey Guys,
Thanks again for the outstanding coins.
Mark N.
Received the 1906 Proof Liberty 5c. It's everything you said it was... it really is a beautiful coin. This was my first experience with you and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I enjoy buying quality coins from a quality company and I think I have found both. I'm looking forward to working with you again many times over...
Robert Z.