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Monday January 09th 2006

Greetings, We're back from the F.U.N show in beautiful Orlando Florida. Auction prices in all the auctions had all gone very strong and Proof Gold coinage was bringing some amazingly strong prices. The market is definitely HOT right now and gold is being bought up on the bourse floor as soon as they can get into the cases for display. Dealers are paying well over bid and ask prices for the scarcity of finding super original eye appealing coins in common dates and eating them up as well.

One very pleasing $10 Indian I purchased was a 1932 MS65 in a green PCGS holder, this coin has a sweet orange peal patina that is totally original which means a lot to me because it seems more and more coins are being dipped out to hell taking away the natural beauty and coins like this (original) are becoming more rare with this eye appeal. The coin is VERY silky looking with tons of luster that just glimmers. Another that stands out of in my mind is an amazing 1898-S $20 Liberty in a PCGS holder, this is a tougher date with a mintage of 774,700 and only 99 graded in MS65 with 2 higher. This is a grab for anyone who REALLY loves Double Eagle Liberty’s, I viewed 3 of these coins all in 65 and this one is with out a doubt the best I have not found a whole lot of coins yet but the ones I have are truly wonderful and to me quantity is not as important as quality.

A very positive buzz has definitely surrounded the atmosphere here to kick of the New Year and ALL signs are pointing to a very hot market which I truly think will continue for a while to come. As I am writing this gold is up $12.70 reaching an amazing $538.80.

This is the only show of year that I’ve set up in the past 2 years for the reason that I believe the future is solely turning more and more to people wanting to browse the internet WebPages and I agree. With all the expenses of traveling to be overwhelmed with all the tables and coin dealers trying to solicit you, it seems to be so much more relaxing looking at great webpage which have in depth descriptions and fascinating images with no pressure to buy.

That has been our vision from years ago, to concentrate on building an in depth, classy, and informative webpage which is our image that we like to create. My brother in Law who is my best friend is an artist as well as a computer programmer and that has been the key to having such a gorgeous webpage, he has vision and is a perfectionist which I value sincerely. I can’t count how many of my wonderful clients and viewers have complimented his work.

You can definitely tell that we have a true passion and love for coins and those people who appreciate our site I thank you!

Our image of the new coins I am buying down at the FUN show should all be up this week, please keep checking and be ready for some more cool treasures to come.

Dean Albanese