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Monday January 16th 2006

Hello and welcome to the new weekly insight on my view of what is going on in the coin industry and points of view about coins in general.

The F.U.N. show was a great success for not just me, but everyone according to all that I have heard. I looked all over for Proof Gold and just could not find any specimens that stuck out in my mind, there were some Quarter Eagle’s, and Gold Dollars, but none that I thought should be purchased right away with the exception of a couple. I mainly was on the hunt for Eagle’s and Double Eagle’s which were virtually impossible to find. Also Three Dollar Proof Gold (and business strike) was very scarce, a denomination I love.

There was however a gorgeous Gold Dollar that I did think was worth bringing home with me which was our 1884 Princess in PF67 Cameo NGC. This coin just had a striking eye appeal to it which made me hand select this treasure. The reason there are not so many Proof Gold pieces out there is because of the mintages, and the amount that actually exists, it’s miniscule compared to so many other series of coins that are out there.

I can’t put all of my focus and attention on just Proof Gold though, because there are a lot of other Proof and Business strike coinage out there that are definitely worth collecting and investing into. We specialize in Proof Gold because of how many pieces we have handled and our love that is an area in which I love to read and study about, it’s an area in which we are confident about when placing a specimen into a collection/portfolio for an amount which may be the highest it’s ever sold for.

Which leads us to this, what other coins do I think are worth me buying to sell with confidence? One series I would have to say is the Trade Dollar, an amazingly beautiful design with an important history behind it. This design was issued for circulation in the Far East, the Orient to be exact and the reason behind that was to compete with other countries Dollar sized silver content. Another breathtaking coin I would never hesitate on are the Large Cent pieces, I bought an 1852 in MS67BN “star” NGC that only lasted one day at the webpage until someone who appreciates beauty gobbled it up. I also came home with a unique coin which is my favorite dated Eagle, the 1804 business strike in AU58 NGC, a coin with a very neat history behind it especially considering it was the last of that design until lady Liberty took the spotlight.

So the basis of the story here is no matter what design, or metal content you are in love with, always go with your gut on beauty, what takes your breath away, what intrigues you the most because in the end you can never go wrong. That is how I maintain our inventory, with my love and instinct and to hear customers say how much they love the coin when they receive it makes my job all the worth while, and makes me feel truly blessed.

Dean Albanese