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January - Issue . 2014,


Other dealers have all weighed in on the recent FUN show in Orlando, everything from restaurant reviews to wholesale trading tales. It is difficult to add new information, but we will do our best to add a fresh perspective.  This show is always a good indicator of the coming year and it was generally well attended by coin connoisseurs.  There was excitement in the air from Wednesday afternoon until late on Saturday!


 We have a couple of observations regarding the coin collector of 2014.  He (and she) have become much more choosey and focused on their collections.  We see more and more collectors looking for just that one particular date and/or grade.  We are noticing more young people are getting the “bug” and falling in love with numismatics.  This show is hailed as the first time we have sold a rare coin (mintstate Indian cent) to a pre-teen girl!  She was not just a collector but a student of the series as well, with knowledge well beyond her years. 


As the U.S. economy strengthens the price of Gold has stagnated, which has created some unique buying opportunities. Remember Numismatics represents a fixed supply, you cannot manufactor another 1907 $10 Indian!  Some isolated areas of Gold are soft, and the savvy client stays ahead of the market and puts away a few pieces.    Our experience has shown that whether gold or silver, true numismatic rarities have done very well over the long term...  Case in point, the Eric. P. Newman coins that we were fortunate to acquire not only are truly exquisite, but the original envelopes that accompany the coins prove that rare coins can be a GREAT investment. Keep in mind we continue to stress the importance of buying coins that are more difficult to acquire either for a grade/technical standpoint or aesthetics.  In other words, buy pieces that are irreplaceable.  We are offering coins that would certainly fit into that category:

1794 1C PCGS MS63BN

1858 50C PCGS PR65 (Eric P. Newman)

1859-O $1 PCGS/CAC MS62+

1880 Trade $1 NGC PR66*

1886 25C NGC PR68UCAM (TopPop)

1899 10C PCGS/CAC PR65+Cameo

1942 50C PCGS/CAC PR67+ (Rainbow!)

1946 BTW Commem MS67


Our inventory is bursting at the seams with more gorgeous gems than we have had the privilege to offer in years.  Email or Give us a call at 888-637-6388.  We can add that last coin to your collection to make it truly noteworthy or start you on a path to assemble a collection of distinction.


(Upcoming Shows Link) If there are any last minute “wants” please let us know. Keep an eye for the “market insight” after the show for an in depth write up on how the market is doing and where it’s going.  


Our very best to you, 
                                           Bonnie Sabel

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