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April issue . 2007

Hi To all out there in Cyber space. Here we are almost mid-April and it’s still freezing cold, makes you wonder about Global warming. Oh well before we know it we’ll be complaining about the heat. On the rare coin front all is well, Great coins remain elusive as ever. As a matter of public record rare coin auctions in the first quarter of 2007 by the major auction houses have hammered down over 100 Million Dollar Plus Dollars in sales, now add private rare coin funds that are springing up here and there and I’m not talking nickel and dime funds but major rare coin funds, also private treaty and normal sales, it doesn’t take a scholar to figure out what is going on here !

Not that this is something new, it’s a carry over from the past few years the only difference is that its getting nearly impossible to find the true rarities. Every now and then one will appear and disappear just as fast, going into “Very Strong Hands” and those are the cold hard facts of the state of affairs of the rare coin market. Taking all into account coins that are being overlooked will no doubt be highly sought after if they meet certain critical criteria one being most importantly “EYE APPEAL” I have stressed that from day one. There are so many coins that absolutely fall short of that it’s sad. These coins will be left behind in the whirlwind of an ever blossoming coin market.

Some think that this market has been full blown for too long of a time but if you really have studied this market and not listened to what others who really like to just hear themselves talk, there is absolutely no doubt that the sky is the limit. It’s true in every meaning of the word; Rare Coins are absolutely “Works of Art”. True relics of our heritage and will continue to rise in stature in the world of collectibles- the world of highly sought after treasures. So to all, good luck in finding the coin of your dreams and never give up the hunt.

Numismatically Your, Dave and Dean Albanese
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.