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Week of May 1st, 2006
Summer is coming up on us fast and the Central States show is already over, a show of which not too much material was seen from what I’ve heard dealers tell me. Usually from here through summer time it always seemed to slow down and I’ll tell you this year that is not the feeling at all! It seems we can’t keep up with demand for beautiful and rare coins, there are more buyers than ever now, and that is a good thing.
Saints kept marching out the door last week having sold over $40,000 worth of these beautiful large double eagles. With gold now at (as I’m writing) $658.80 I see double eagle sales soaring to new heights never seen before and having the grade and rarity factor makes the prices even more valuable.
Another cool coin we sold last week was the famous 1909-S VDB Lincoln in MS65RD, a coin that is not rare but extremely famous and for that reason alone the price will always command premiums. Coins like this always seem to be fan favorites among collectors of all sorts, coins such as the 1907 High Relief Saint, 1916-D Mercury Dime, and so on….. With these coins we can be assured that the enthusiasm of the coin hobby will always exist, these seem to be the coins people first learn about and then graduate to wanting to learn about real rarities. I think that is great and we are blessed to have “famous” coins out there that aren’t so rare to grab people’s attention and them reading and learning that is the only way people will eventually learn of true classic rarities. That is why I think the State Quarter program is an excellent idea, it is educating the youth and brining to light once again this age old hobby, it is a program that is shining a positive light on this sometimes called “shady” business. My children are putting together the State Quarter map and I love it!
Here is a great link for anyone just getting into the hobby...
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To show more stats for activity now I’ll tell you last week in retail sales we sold just over $100,000 which is fabulous seeing as it was during a major show week. So keep watch on our new inventory coming in all week and stay tuned for next weeks “market insight”.
Dean Albanese