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Week of May 15st, 2006
Hello and welcome to the new May 15, 2006 market talk. Last week was spectacular having sold some early gold, Saints, Morgan’s, and a couple gorgeous Trade dollars.
One coin we sold last week we will be writing a press release on because it was a True Classic Rarity so until then that is all I can say.
Saints are STILL moving fast and should be, just look at what “gold” spot prices keep doing, last time as I was writing I said gold was at $658.80, today as I write it is at $688.60 and that is down over $20. Amazing, but true! Total in sales just for Saints reached just over $30,000.00 at weeks end. Also with Silver moving upward at just as a fast pace as gold we are seeing a new revival of interest into Proof Silver having sold just over $31,000.00 in Proof Silver type last week including two amazing Trade dollars, the 1880 PF65 Cameo NGC and the 1881 PF65 Cameo NGC (check images).
An area that is on fire and will continue to be so until it is virtually impossible to find these coins are the Proof Double Eagles (Liberty) – Last week we sold an amazing 1901 PR64 CAM PCGS, and a super rare 1873 PF64 Ultra Cameo NGC – These coins are the ones that give “hobby of the kings” the true meaning. Looking through future auction catalogs you can see there are no high end early dated Proof Liberty double eagles, or eagles. These are areas that are just simply becoming scarce and soon prices you can get these at now will seem like a dream compared to what they will be available for in the near future.
An area I would like to touch on is about the true collectors, enthusiasts, and historians. One thing when dealing with classic rarities you find out how important it is to know the history of each and every coin you have, it makes the story of these little time capsules that we hold in our hands, and without the story there is no intrigue there to convince one of the price.
Next week I will be writing about the history standpoint on rarities to make for a good story. Until then be sure to read our newly released section “Gold Denominations, History & Investment Point of View.”
Dean Albanese