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Week of May 22nd, 2006
Hi All, I hope this Market talk finds everyone in good health and able to find the coins of your dreams. On that subject, it really is getting so difficult to find super material. Reading all the different publications and reports on what Dealers/collectors/investors perceive the state of the rare coin market. It sort of makes me feel so good as to the fact that what I have been telling our clients for years, being absolutely one of the very first coin companies using the internet as a marketing tool That Rare Coins are A great place to be especially for those investment/collectors who are looking for the best of the best.
Proof Gold is one of the strongest areas in Numismatics at this time. This being our Companies strongest areas of expertise, having placed some of the absolute rarest of rare Proof Gold coins reiterates the importance of this area of numismatics. If one were to study the sheer small number of the different denominations of proof gold one can easily figure out that All Proof gold is absolutely extremely rare to extremely scarce.
There really is no such thing as Common Proof gold in the truest sense of the word! I have felt that even if you can own one proof gold coin it should be part of your collection making sure that the coin is what is should be. I ran the numbers on just how many Ultra and Deep Cameo Double Eagles there are certified and it was to the tee what I had surmised along just a fraction of 5% of all $20’s certified. These will always be the rarest of rare. You’ll enjoy the spectacular 1883 $20 PF66 UCAM NGC pop 2/0 tied for finest know on our web page. This is a true Treasure considered one of the three rarest dates of PF $20’s being a proof only issue along with it’s sister year 1884 and the 1887.
I truly believe that this up tick will continue for many, many months and perhaps years to come I’m not a doom and gloom guy so I sometimes tend to be to much of an optimist but I know from my experience with our web site and traffic to it we “Haven’t seen anything YET” So enjoy your treasure and If we may be of any instance to you please feel free to contact either myself or my son Dean as you’ll always to talk to an owner never a salesperson.
Quality, Honest, Integrity is what Albanese Rare Coins is all about, selling great coins at fair price. Your support of our web site and business is greatly appreciated.
Very Best,
David C. Albanese Pres.
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.