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Week of June 2nd, 2006
Hi to All out in cyber space. Long Beach coin show is in full swing right now and all repots I’m getting are once again “PROOF GOLD” is the single most sought after numismatic item especially $20 PF Lib’s.
As you can see We have sold some fantastic Proof $20’s including the Breathtaking 1883 PF66UCAM along with the 1897 & 1899 PF65 Cam’s it is getting increasingly difficult to find high grade 20’s. Also a magnificent super rare gem we placed this week is the incredible 1829 $5 MS66 “Bass” coin. Just to have handled that coin was a thrill of a life time given its storied past with King Farouk among other important collectors who have owned that wonder gem.
Also don’t Miss the majestic beauty of the 1802/1 MS65, one of only three coins graded above MS64, this MS65 another PCGS MS66 and one MS65 NGC. How about that for rare!!!
All indications that as we approach the summer months which usually slow down the coin market it seems like it will be full steam ahead for sure. I truly feel that we haven’t seen anything yet. Not that I think prices will go through the roof but rather price will still be dictated by Classic rarity and eye appeal coins.
In other words coins are now coming into their own as true works of early American Art; Given the Archaic means under which they were minted and to have them as pristine as they are is a real miracle of passing time and preservation. The first Philadelphia Mint, constructed in 1792, used harnessed horses to drive the crude machinery that produced our coinage. The manual process required heating of metals in a blacksmith-like furnace, and flattening them into sheets by repeated trips through rollers. Coin shapes were then punched out of the metal sheets, and these were hand-fed into machines that stamped on coin faces. The coin making process was a physical and tedious one and imperfect coins were frequent. Thank God there were people who somehow have the foresight to save a number of these pieces of history in mint condition.
Well I’ll close for now keep in touch and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or email. We’ll be sure to answer all. Thanks so much for visiting our web site to view all the beautiful coins.
Very Best,
David C. Albanese Pres.
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.