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Week of June 9th, 2006
Hi All, Well another week closer to summer. My how fast time goes by. Long Beach is behind us and now no big shows until the Summer ANA and historically the kick off to the upsurge in coin enthusiasm. I really don’t think summer will be the drag it usually is in the Market as collectors and dealers continue to search out the finest coins available.
Numbers are surely sinking with great coins being offered and many not so great coins being touted as great coins. Which makes me realize, for sure that some are becoming desperate to promote anything as the next great series. Keep in mind that Great Coins Classic rarities are always rare and you can’t make something from nothing, In other words some may promote some coins as being rare that actually aren’t.
You must do your homework and absolutely minimize mistakes. There is a world of information out there especially with the www at your finger tips you can do tons of research before you make your decision on a buy. We have always advocated education in Numismatics learn as much as you can, don’t just act on impulse and passion. Know what you are spending your money on and ask questions. Keep in mind if a dealer doesn’t want to spend as much time as needed to answer your questions about your purchase, BEWARE!!! Now I’m not advocating just wasting a dealer’s time with a million questions but rather have your ducks in order with questions that make sense and will help you make a good decision.
Follow these simple rules, Read, Ask Sensible questions, do as much research as makes you comfortable and you’ll be a happy collector. Please feel free to call or e-mail us anytime. Your support of our business is greatly appreciated. For the past 11 years Albanese Rare Coins has served the on-line collector selling tens of millions of Dollars worth of coins. Being literally one of the very first on-line rare Coin Dealers we have a world of Experience on our aside to help you make the correct decision.
Have a great week ahead...
Very Best,
David C. Albanese Pres.
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.