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Mid June issue . 2008,



Hi to all. We are back from the Baltimore show and again, it was a very successful one for us. We bought some great coins, although not a ton of them this time. These are some great investment/collector coins for you to pick up. Some may say that this show was dreary, but we don’t feel that way. We have a plan when we attend shows and it comes down to picking up the best quality/eye appeal coins we can find while keeping with our motto “Quality, Rarity, and Eye Appeal.”
One of the great coins that we bought is an 1884 $1 Indian Princess PF65UCAM. There are only 2 coins graded with this designation by both PCGS/NGC. That is a true rarity considering the rarity factor for Ultra/Deep Cameo is that no more than 5/10% of coins receive this designation in the first place! We also found a few other beauties including a Stellar 1907 High Relief MS63 PCGS/CAC, a wonderful 1874 $1 Princess MS67 PCGS/CAC, and a totally original 1803/2 Capped Bust $5 MS61 NGC/CAC. These are some great coins for you to consider!
Now, think about where you want to be in this very tumultuous time of rising fuel prices along with the topsy-turvy, upside down Stock Market. It just makes so much sense to put some of your money in the very stable Rare Coin Market. Today’s coin market has proven to have tons of energy with combined staying power. More and more investors are flocking to coins as a safe haven. Now don’t get me wrong, you still have to be careful and make sure and do your homework. Know who you are buying from and only buy Quality along with Rarity. If you take the time to check out the rarity chart at, (use the PCGS 3000 charts) you might be pleasantly surprised. While it is true that finding great coins is getting harder and harder to do, as other prices continue to rise more and more, coins seem to come out of collections. There certainly are many old-time collections that are starting to surface and the competition is getting fierce for the great coins in those collections. We never seem to have a problem finding great coins, as our special network can usually come up with just the right coin for you. Don’t forget make sure to give Bonnie Sabel a call in our Houston office and chat with her about your coin wants. Bonnie is a fantastic coin person who absolutely knows Rarity and Quality! Well, stay tuned for our next report and may you find the coin of your dreams!
Our very best to you, Dave Albanese
Dean Albanese
Bonnie Sabel

David C. Albanese - President
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.