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Week of July 4th, 2006
Hi All, I would just like to wish everyone a wonderful 4th Of July, and keeping In Mind all our Brave Soldiers, Airmen, Navy and Coast Guard, Both Men And Women who each day protect our Freedoms and who lay their Lives on the line every day so that we can enjoy all the freedoms we have!! Have a great Cook-out or picnic enjoy the fireworks and "Let Freedom Ring" For all Americans.
I hope this market talk finds you all doing great and enjoying the “Good Old Summer Time”. It comes and goes so fast I try to enjoy every single day. Rare Coins continue to be a Hot Commodity not taking away the correction in Gold Bullion. True rarities continue to sell at a torrid pace. Now common date gold Lib’s and Saints did get set back some but that is a natural when gold moves the way it did. It was an anticipated correction if you had any kind of sense as to how things work. Gold and silver just went up way to fast. Speculators went crazy. I feel a slow movement upwards is always the way for true prosperity to really work for all intended parties.
We sold a Tremendous 1915-S $50 PAN-Pac MS67 NGC, just and incredible coin along with the single finest 1827 Caped Bust 50c. Curled Base 2 certified by PCGS pop 1/0 a stunning original Monster. Many other great coins continue to change hands also. Summer usually ushers a slower pace in Coins and it’s an annual event.
I would recommend to all you Numismatists especially those just getting into coins to read as much as possible. I would recommend the following; first everyone should own a current RED BOOK. Also the new release the Encyclopedia of US Gold Coins by Garrett & Guth, also their book of 100 Greatest US coins. Also United States Coinage a study by Type by Guth & Garrett. Another two are, A guide book of Double Eagle Gold Coins By Q. David Bowers along with The Experts Guide to Collecting and Investing in rare Coins also by Bowers. YOU can only enhance you knowledge and enjoyment of the hobby by educating and understanding better where you’re sending you hard earned money and not just listen to a sales pitch as you’ll have more self knowledge.
Please don’t ever hesitate to call or e-mail us with your questions and we will always get back to you. If we don’t have the answer we will get it. Always remember we try harder as a Family Business we really do care, you’re not just a number to us, and we take immense pride in all we do.
Again, have a wonderful 4th Of July week...
Best Dave & Dean
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.