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August issue . 2007,

Hi To All out there in Cyber space. Now that we have the Big ANA summer show behind us we can see very clearly that the coin market continues to thrive and is propelled by condition, great eye appeal and rarity. I mentioned in previous “market talks” that the coin market is divided into two segments and this is holding true to the prediction. Beautiful rarities are being driven up by countless investor collectors who only want the very best and will pay for same. So so coins are going by the way side being filtered through one auction to the next. We must keep in mind that all coins are not created equally. I have seen many rarities that have awful eye appeal and I wouldn’t touch them at any price. I'm not saying that this diminishes the value but I've always been the type of collector who would only buy beautiful coins. Keeping that level of perfection in our business practice we try very hard to show our customers the very best eye appeal coins in the market place.


Although it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find great coins I feel that the demand and rise in prices will soon bring an influx of great coins into the marketplace within the next year. Time has proven that this is not some “pie in the sky” coin bubble that will burst soon. Astute collector investors have done their homework and have figured out that this is truly the place to be when you consider the historical, /rarity factor of these pieces of “True Americana” have been undervalued for some time. Consider what some famous painting are bringing in the auction place where many paintings are available by a certain “Famous artist” and you'll understand why many coin rarities with one or two that exist of this type and you will figure out this is the place to be! Albanese Rare Coins has, over the years, assembled some of the greatest rarities in existence. We don’t need to shout it from the rafters how good we are we just get the job done in a quiet confidential manner. We will continue to keep you up with the latest news at our web site and keep in mind if you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free 888-637-8884. The next show (Long Beach) will be coming up in late Sept. If you would like us to represent you in any auction please feel free to call us and we can work out a mutual agreement that will benefit both parties.

Numismatically yours Dave & Dean Albanese



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