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August issue . 2008,



Wow! We are back from the Baltimore ANA's 2008 World's Fair of Money and trying to catch our breath! It was an extremely busy show for Albanese Rare Coins and most dealers we spoke with agreed. It was a marvelous selling show for us. We weren't able to buy as much inventory as we would have liked because we were, as always, very selective. We will be adding new purchases to the website in the next few days, so watch for the images and descriptions. We certainly want to thank all our friends and clients that stopped by to see us and our beautiful display. We were not happy with our table
location, but most of you found us, and we appreciate the effort. The ANA outdid themselves this year. If you weren't at the show, not only did you miss some gorgeous coins, but a real American eagle and Abe Lincoln himself! We brought the 1804 Eagle (King of Eagles) in PR 65 Ultra Cameo to the show and it was on display along with the Walton specimen of the 1913 Nickel. What a beauty the 1804 is, and the interest generated was impressive to say the least. More and more collectors, and dealers alike were inquiring about the CAC approved coins in our cases. We are noticing a growing demand for the service, each coin show we attend we field more questions about the process. Not a problem, as we have a fine selection of coins approved by CAC. Early mint state type and very nice proof type are still a very hot area of the market. Ultra cameo and just very nice cameo material was very difficult to find. Trade and Seated dollars flew out of our cases. We did come back with a few choice items,
for example the 1863 Seated Dollar in PR65 Cameo will take your breath away!. Much better date Saint Gaudens were elusive as well, but we will have a couple of dates to offer our clients. Morgan and Peace Dollars are strong and did we find some beauties! In the Morgan series we brought back an 1889-CC in AU53, an 1894 in MS63 and a beautiful cameo proof Morgan. The 1923-S and 1925-S Peace dollars won't remain in our inventory for long, call soon if you have an interest. Our next coin show is the Whitman show in Atlanta on August 21st thru the 23rd we look forward to seeing you there!


Our very best to you, Dave Albanese
Dean Albanese
Bonnie Sabel

David C. Albanese - President
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.