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Sept. issue . 2008,



We attended the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Coin Expo in Atlanta last week. Whitman Publishing does an excellent job of promoting their events and making the coin show both collector and dealer friendly, this show was no exception. We met new collectors in Atlanta and were able to acquire a handful of spectacular pieces. Our clients will reap the benefit of our hard work in finding coins that have met our standards as "cream of the crop"! As always, we try to find proof type with glorious mirrors and extraordinary eye-appeal. We purchased several proof Seated Liberty Dollars that we will be photographing soon. In addition, we were lucky to find proof Barber Quarters and Halves with magnificent toning and a Seated Liberty Dime that will take your breath away! As we searched about the bourse floor it became evident how very particular we are, and just how nice our inventory is. That's because we never offer you a coin we wouldn't want for ourselves. The coins we buy have to meet very specific criteria, not only are they good value, but many of the rarities we sell are irreplaceable. Typically, the summer months are a slow period for the coin market, for Albanese Rare Coins this year has been an exception. The corner of the market we appreciate, those coins with investment quality and true rarity, is strong. Walk through any bourse floor at a major coin show and you will see plenty of coins...but search out the rarities, and those with outstanding eye-appeal and you will see how challenging our job is to acquire such gems. Beauty + Rarity = Desirability, that will never change regardless of the stock market, oil prices, price of gold or any other variables you might add. We will be attending the Long Beach Coin Expo next month and we look forward to seeing our old friends and new ones alike. Please drop by the table, say hello and take a look. Regardless of how good our photographs are...some of these rarities must be seen to be appreciated!


Our very best to you, Dave Albanese
Dean Albanese
Bonnie Sabel

David C. Albanese - President
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.