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Dec 05, 2005

We would like to start writing an insight on what we think the market is doing weekly, giving you prices of coins sold, our opinions on what direction to go in when investing, and so on……

This past week we sold around $200,000 worth of coins to investors and collectors. A lot has been focused on gold, and I really think it helps with the price of gold going up and over the $500 mark. This is good for the “generic” gold market and key date business strike gold coins more so then the proof gold. Proof gold will always sell high, and remain a good buy (when and if you can find the right treasure). The reason is proof gold coins are looked at as specimens, kind of like rare original paintings. Generic gold flucuates with the bullion market sometimes and key date coins move up also showing us the fact that GOLD is really a good place to put your money into.

Coins we sold this past week include a sweet 1856 $3 Princess in MS65, this is a super Gem that is scarce and this was tied for finest known, also a lot of Saints have been moving over the $3,000 mark and another rare business strike coin we sold in a high grade of MS68 was the 1903 $2.5 Quarter Eagle MS68. To add another $3 to the list we sold a SWEET 1856-S in MS61. A handful of other Saints sold and one more Key Date near gem for over $45k which was the 1930-S $10 Indian in MS64 (a coin I have to say which is one of my favorites for the twenty first century gold coins.)

Don’t stray the attention away from Silver though, some very nice coins have sold also such as the 1899 Morgan in PF66 Cameo. Trade dollars are really tough to find right now, and I think super mirrored Morgan Proofs are even tougher (coins that haven’t been dipped out too much).

Stay tuned and keep watch this week for new “sold” signs. We will be attending the Baltimore show this week to find new coins for next week, put in your want list now to reserve first dibs on anything special before it hits the webpage.

Happy Holidays,
Dean Albanese