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Monday December 19th 2005

Hello and thanks for wanting to read this week’s new insight...

We had some very nice sales of more Gold coins this past week, one that stands out (which was only up at the webpage for shortly under a week) was the 1920-S Saint in MS64 to a smart client who does not hesitate on good buys like this. That seems to be the biggest regret I hear from a lot of clients, people who call after the “sold” sign is on the coin they say “I really should have just bought that, I was going to but I hesitated too long”. It is very understandable if you have to watch the budget and not stretch yourself financially, but if you have the money to spend without putting yourself into a risky situation you really should call to at least talk with my father or I about the certain coin you have your eyes on.

There are always the important questions like, “if I had to liquidate this coin could I do it without getting hurt too bad?” Or, is this coin the best investment purchase for X amount of dollars within 1-3 years?” These are questions you should be able to ask if they are a concern because it’s your future and we want to make it our future also, meaning if these “treasures” ever are to come back on the market we would like first shot at them, so of course we are not going to mark them way up through the roof to make a huge profit we would rather keep our customers for the long haul.

So to bring it back to what this is pertaining to, nice gold: There are people out there right now buying up as much of the rarities and key date (eye appealing) coins as they possibly can because they are smart and thinking of the future, and not of the short term future.

I truly think the best way to satisfy your hunger for gold is to buy it in the form of coinage; the reason is because it has way more up side then bullion due to the “coin industry” and rarity factors that stabilize them. When bullion prices per ounce can lower drastically, certified coins do not, and if hell broke loose and the government had to confiscate gold it would only be bullion, not coins because it is Illegal to do so.

Another question people ask a lot especially now with the price of gold rising to new highs in a long time, “will gold go down, and why would it?” Well, you have to look at the world we live in, war and global terrorism, also Eastern powers wanting to create strong stable economies. In times of chaos throughout the history of mankind gold has been the most stable and reliable source to defend yourself against everything bad (financially). Well, as long as this world stays in this state of being (which I do not see changing rapidly anytime soon) gold will stay strong and continue to rise I believe. Like I said, besides war and terrorism, the lust for gold in the east will continue to be gobbled up as much as possible, remember that they would like to see the U.S. dollar decrease.

Another rare treasure we sold this past week was our 1891 $10 Liberty in PR65DCAM PCGS for $49,500, this is a coin that a customer had us send to him for his viewing, he passed and the next day it sold. The buyer got a steal; this coin is a $65-$70 thousand dollar coin easy in this grade and especially in a PCGS holder. In one to two years this coin will be untouchable under $70k. The reason I didn’t price it at that is because I bought it at 10% under my sales price and ethically I would not mark it up to an astronomical profit because I would like to see my client do good with this coin in the future. So you can say I definitly cherry picked that baby! With the two coins I have mentioned sales were near $200,000 in gold last week, and with other coins we sold put sales at over $200,000.

Have a great week, and stay tuned for next week’s insight.
Dean Albanese