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Albanese Rare Coins, Inc. is one of America's premier rare coin dealers. On behalf of our clients, we assemble portfolios of rare investment grade coins for investors seeking diversity of their assets and a potentially high rate of capital appreciation. In fact, we've created some of the world's greatest rare coin portfolios.
"Diversification is the Answer"
Why Should I Invest In Rare Coins?
Many investors are finding Stock Market performance to be too volatile. Diversification is the answer. Carefully selected rare U.S. coins offer the savvy investor a tangible hard asset that can be held in your hands, hold historical links to the past, but most important, have maintained or significantly increased in value over time, no matter what the conditions may be on Wall Street. Many financial advisors recommend 10% to 20% of a qualified investor's assets be allocated to tangible or hard assets. Renowned for their performance in periods of inflation, rare U.S. coins have consistently generated strong long-term price gains in virtually every period of economic growth. Therefore, rare U.S. coins can provide investors with security and peace of mind.
Time Tested Performance
Many rare coin collections have produced substantial long-term profits for their owners throughout history. In particular, coin collectors of the past century have witnessed significant gains with their initial investment. For example...the famous Harold Bareford collection of U.S. gold coins which was originally purchased in the 1950's for the sum of $13,832 was later sold at auction in 1978 for an incredible $1.2 million. Another example is the substantial U.S. gold coin collection of Louis Eliasberg. His collection was built for the cost of $300,000. In 1982, it realized the amazing price of $12.4 million at auction. Another piece of important information is the performance level of rare coins when stacked up against Wall Street. Measured from 1970 to 2001, the S&P 500 Index with dividends reinvested appreciated an average of 12% per annum. The standard twelve-piece U.S. gold type set, often used as a proxy for an overall U.S. rare coin market index, increased an average of 13.4% per annum. Premium quality rare U.S. coins with outstanding potential are still available in a wide range of investment levels making them quite affordable for the private investor.
What creates the value in rare U.S. coins?
How does an Investment in Rare Coins differ from Gold, Silver or other Precious Metals?
Spot prices of precious metals has very little to do with the value of rare U.S. coins. Although a "hot" precious metal market may focus attention on coins in a generic sense, it is your coin's rarity, condition and eye-appeal that create the value behind your portfolio, not the coin's metal content. The rarity factor is by far of the utmost importance when investing in U.S. coinage. Low mintage coins in the highest pristine condition consistently bring premium prices.
You are Protected.
Future Marketability, Liquidity and Price Appreciation Potential of your Portfolio.
To protect the investor and collector, Albanese Rare Coins, Inc. only specifies coins authenticated and certified by the two leading independent coin grading firms, PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service and NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. A great investor benefit provided by these services is the monthly population reports which give hard empirical data as to the number of coins that exist in different grades and issues. With this data the investor has the knowledge to determine the scarcity of a particular coin. This independent certification helps to assure future marketability, liquidity and price appreciation potential of your portfolio.
Certification & Encapsulation of Rare Coins
Shown below are two extremely rare proof gold coins, certified and authenticated by the two leading independent grading firms, PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service and NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Each coin has been encapsulated in a high security sonically-sealed holder. Bar codes and unique certification numbers are permanently sealed inside each holder to further deter tampering. The hard plastic holder provides optimum protection for safe, long-term storage. The images below are actual size.
1804 $10 Capped Bust Gold
Proof 64 Cameo
Certified by NGC
Today four examples are known to exist. One still resides in the incredible "King of Siam" collection, another is part of the Harry Bass collection and the remaining two are in private collections. We've had the privilege of placing one of these magnificent coins.
Values through the Years
1960: $3,500
1980: $50,000
2003: $1 Million +
2005: $3 Million +
1838 $10 Liberty Gold
Proof 65
Certified by PCGS
Today three Proofs of this date are known. One is in the Smithsonian, another ins a private collection. We've had the privilege of placing the third, the most pristine of the three, with a client. This true rarity carries one of the most impressive pedigrees in the history of numismatics.
Values through the Years
1960: $5,000
1980: $100,000
2003: $1 Million +
2005: 1.85 Million +
Our nationwide network of relationships with collectors, coin dealers and auction houses are at your service.
With the advent of these independent grading services, rare coins have become the most liquid collectibles of all. On a typical trading day, thousands of certified rare U.S. coins are bought and sold, sight unseen. All or portion of your portfolio can be sold at any time. Although, it is recommended that you hold your portfolio for a minimum of five years, because of the long-term potential of an investment in rare coins. If you decide to liquidate your investment at any time, we will handle all the details for you. Our nationwide network of relationships with collectors, coin dealers and auction houses are at your service.

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