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January issue . 2009,



The FUN show has already come and gone, and the New Year is upon us! The show was packed with people and the isles were filled with collectors of all sorts. We had a lot of people at our table looking at coins and we actually sold some too; which was very nice seeing as the past few shows have been just about dead! It was nice just to talk with people even if they didn’t buy anything because it helps the time pass and keeps the interest going throughout the show. We also wholesaled some coins, which was nice because we needed to unload some coins that have been in inventory for a while. Usually you can tell from the FUN show how the year is going to be and it was very difficult to get a “read” on which way the market is going from here. People need to realize they still have to pay a little more for unique coins and coins with excellent eye appeal, as well as for “CAC” coins which shows the coin is “PQ” for sure. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having to pay a few hundred dollars more than you would have liked to spend. Looking down the road a few years on your missed opportunity you don’t want to say “I wish I would have pulled the trigger and bought that coin!” I’ve heard that SO many times before when people wish they would’ve spent more to buy something nice. 
How is the coin market doing? Well, I would have to say “sheet” priced coins (coins that people don’t think are PQ or “AMAZING”) are dropping 10% and almost 20% in full retail I’ve seen. With cash flow slowing down for people who used to spend capital like water, it seems to a lot of dealers that a slow time has come upon us. This is true and has been slowing down for a few months now. With the stock market doing so bad it seems there ARE new customers coming into the hobby looking to spend money on “real” investments. You have to understand coming into this that if you plan on selling serious investments in 1-2 years that is like “day trading” on the stock market, you should hold your coin as long as possible to see full potential growth. 9 times out of 10 you will be happy. I do have to admit rarities are the place to put your money in right now, gold or silver, especially with prices dropping. You can find good deals right now. The time for this too all even out is coming. It’s not a time to panic or think “THIS market is going down the tubes”, because it’s not. I see it mellowing out a little, but I also see more interest coming into the coin market. There are people who want new avenues to spend their money on and to feel safe at the same time. Coins are as safe as ever, I DO believe; it’s just a matter of the “right” coins to buy. Keep an eye on “sold” signs at the webpage and you will get a view on what is moving. We will be writing more on “market insight” soon as we slow down from the FUN show and get caught up.



(Upcoming Shows Link) If there are any last minute “wants” please let us know. Also if there are any coins in the Stacks auction let us know and we will view and bid for you on only 5% commission. Keep an eye for the “market insight” after the show for an in depth write up on how the market is doing and where it’s going.


Our very best to you, Dave Albanese
Dean Albanese
Bonnie Sabel

David C. Albanese - President
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.