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Week of April 3rd, 2006
The only thing that has changed since last week is that early gold and proof gold has risen in value and demand. We’ve had the opportunity to handle some superb early MS half eagles and some proof gold as well. To handle and sell these gorgeous coins is one thing, but to find them is definitely another, and it is becoming harder and harder because of collectors who are fortunate enough to purchase them end up tucking them away in private “museum” quality collections.
I’ll say it again and again that you will not and can not lose when buying these coins, the reasons are the rarity factors, as well as the beauty that lay within the peripheral of those age old American historic gold coins. I love the new collectors we’ve been blessed to meet, people who appreciate more then the value, upside/downside and constant auction prices realized, people who appreciate the history that backs everyone single piece, people who view these coins as a doorway to our nations past, and with the eye appeal of each specimen they are just getting added plus signs of confidence.
Like true American art and antiquities these rare gold coins from the 18th and 19th century will never peak or fluctuate pricing like most other series of coins. The reason: There just are not enough of them out there and there are more buyers than ever for them.
Don’t get me wrong, there are other coins that are excellent investments and just as beautiful such as Proof Trade dollars. We are working on a collection at the moment that I hope will come through, and these are all PQ specimens, as we get closer to the end I will be doing a great write up on all of them.
Early Bust dollars seems to always be a good buy, and have shown signs of increasing in value also. We’ve sold a few of these beauties such as the 1799 $1 Draped Bust Dollar “Heraldic Eagle” AU55 PCGS and an amazing 1800 $1 Large Eagle Draped Bust AU53 PCGS both of which were fantastic.
A series that is definitely undervalued I believe are the Patterns, a series of coins that hold some of the most beautiful designs ever minted. One coin at our site is an 1860 $5 Gold J-271 in PR62CAM certified by PCGS – This coin is one of only 2 minted! These coins were the first designs, you can say prototype also. After the minting of these unique treasures the mint had categorized each to decide what would be done with the “prototype”. So basically four different categories would be: 1. both the obverse and reverse were turned down and never used, 2. maybe one side, or both sides were used but modified, 3. either just the obverse or the reverse were used, 4. both sides could have been accepted, but the metal content was different (example: a pattern design created on copper or aluminum could have been changed to gold for the final resting place of the design). I’ll admit patterns are new to me and I am studying them now because of the uniqueness and beauty, even if I don’t specialize in an area I still plan on studying it because of the beauty that attracts me and the rarity of these coins is amazing.
Please, keep watch on new inventory and call with any questions as serious investors are beginning to catch on to true rarities and buying them up as fast as we can get them...
Dean Albanese