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Week of April 17th, 2006
WOW! Gold is over the $600 mark and going up – Silver is sky rocketing also reaching over the $13.00 mark, this is a good indication of what precious metals are going to do for people who are investing over the next year. And what better to put your money into than bullion or raw coins....Certified Rare Coins!
Proof and business state silver seems to be on the rise – A great market indicator to look at is at under “PCGS price guide” – They show with a green arrow what coins are rising which is usually made by the recent sales, auction records, rarities, and “metal” content also plays a role. Early bust halves seem to be rising; these are coins with a lot of character and beauty, much undervalued in my eyes.
Gold, there is nothing to say but positive words about this area. The scarcity is there for the proof gold like I always say which means this is the best area to put your money into with no doubt! The prices “eye appealing” proof gold specimens are bringing are astonishing and show no signs of slowing down. Proof Eagles in 64 and higher grades are raising 90-100 % over the past 6 months. Proof double eagles as scarce as they are to find are doubling in price also, to find a nice Proof 64 or gem condition specimen in the next year or year in a half you are going to have to pay prices that exceed the $150k mark easily (and that is being conservative) – Look around at other dealers WebPages, there are no proof gold pieces, we have been fortunate enough to have come into some private collections and they are not going to last long and when pieces like these are gone, “adios”!
One great thing that is happening which I’ve always aimed for is I’m reaching a crowd (other than strictly coin experts) that appreciates art, history, and beauty, these are the people buying paintings, antiques, valuable assets with meaning and stories behind them. They are really indulging into the coin heritage, the door ways to our nations past, a substance you can hold in your hands and view upon with wonder. And the people buying them for investments, well I know it’s safe to say they are doing better in this area then stocks could do for you ever (unless you were lucky enough to buy Google when it came out ?!)
Take your time and read as much as you can, if you get a hold of my father or I, ask as many questions as you want because the best thing you can do is to educate yourself before jumping in with both feet, decide what direction to go in and once you do, you will find it’s almost addicting. The main thing to remember is, it’s fun!
Thanks and have a great week!