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November issue . 2008,



The Herd Mentality! The Herd is stampeding from danger, but blindly running off the cliff. The few old Bulls that are experienced with times of danger stand by calmly and watch. They don't panic, but look for the opportunity to make the right move.
Are you following the Herd and panicking? Or are you standing on the sidelines with the Old Bulls and paying attention?

Try not to panic with the current financial situation and Wall Street. This was a long time coming and most of the problems are self fulfilling prophesy. Because of the herd mentality, a lot of people, regular folks and big-shot wall street types, all jumped on the mortgage bandwagon without checking to see if it passed the smell test. People paying attention and thinking outside the box smelled something, something very bad!

While financial times like these can be scary, they are also ripe with opportunities. Do you think someone like Warren Buffett is all too scared? I don't think so. He has stayed out of the Mortgage mess and is now swooping in to clean up and make a killing.

These are times when calm heads prevail. Liquidity and diversification are going to be the answer when it comes to weathering the storm.

Look at the attached chart of the Key Dates and Rarity Index from the PCGS3000. It looks back to 1970. As you can see, there have been plateaus along the way, but always on an uphill path. While the Rare Coin Market has seen both Bull and Bear markets, it has continued to travel upward.

Seriously and calmly look at your investments. Do you have the diversity you need to get by? Will the next few years be slim? Probably, if you follow the herd and panic. Look at Rare Coins you currently have or are thinking about buying. They probably make you feel a lot better, knowing it is a safe liquid asset. Something you can hold in your hand and know where it is at night. Knowing that as the rest of the herd is jumping off the financial cliff, your solid treasure is safely put away.

Those who pay attention and diversify will be the ones who come thru this mess. When the smoke clears, and it will, you will find yourself in a unique position. The position of stability and being ready to move on.

Consider Rare Coins now !


Our very best to you, Dave Albanese
Dean Albanese
Bonnie Sabel

David C. Albanese - President
Albanese Rare Coins Inc.