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Key Coin
The major, or most important, coin in a particular series. The "key" coin is usually the lowest-mintage coin and/or the most expensive coin in a particular set. The 1916-D dime, for instance, is usually considered the key coin of the Mercury dime series. It is the lowest mintage coin of the set and the most expensive (in most grades). The 1919-D dime is the "condition rarity key" of the Mercury dime series, as it is the most expensive coin in top condition.
Most sets have more than one key coin. In Lincoln cents, for instance, the 1909-S V.D.B., the 1914-D, the 1922 Plain and 1955/55 Doubled Die are all considered to be key coins in most grades. In MS65RD the 1926-S is the rarest of the regular issues, so it is considered the "condition rarity key."
At times any scarce or rare coin is referred to a "key" coin. The terms "key to the set" or "key to the series" are also used as synonyms for "key coin."
Slang term for outstanding. (i.e. That 1880-S silver dollar has killer luster.)
The number one coin. The 1804 dollar was referred to as the "King of Coins" in an 1885 auction catalogue. Since then, the word "King" has come to mean the most important coin of a particular series.
knife edge
Slang for wire edge.
Helpful Tips when viewing Coin Images...
The image, or "scan", of a rare coin should only be used as a reference point, rather than a final decision maker when purchasing rare coins. "No" digital image or scan will ever do true justice to the natural beauty of a coin. A digital camera or scanner, at this stage of technology, can never reproduce the way a human eye views an object. As you move a coin in the light, the surfaces change appearance depending on the angle at which the light source is hitting the coin. This effect is most obvious with very deep, proof coins. In person this "mirrored" effect is quite dramatic as you move the coin around. A two dimensional digital image loses this reflective nature of a coin, not being able to depict the mirrored qualities that your eye is able to perceive. Keep in mind that nothing can compare to examining a coin in person.
At Albanese Rare Coins we strive to achieve the highest quality images in order to assist you with a purchasing decision; considering the balance between download times and image quality. As always, you can be confident when purchasing rare coins from us, as we "hand select" every coin for its true beauty and eye appeal.