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Proof Gold coins are National Treasures that will be viewed for generations to come as artistic masterpieces. These High-Grade investments are purchased by art lovers, historic collectors, and Numismatic hobbyists as well. Gold throughout history has captivated mankind and always stood for wealth, mystery and power. Gold has always been the substance to hold as protection and security against chaos during depression eras. Proof coinage was created by our great Nation as presentation pieces to foreign countries as a sign of friendship and alliance, as well as to show our artistic and technological advancement at the times of mintage.


The total mintages for ALL Proof Gold are documented at 28,822 – That accounts for $1 Gold all the way through $20 Double Eagles. Consider this; for the Gold Dollar there are 31 dates that are proof issues, (keep in mind that all Proof issues are from the Philadelphia Mint) from 1849-1889. For Quarter Eagles there are 57 dates that had proof issues; 1796-1929. Three Dollar Gold has a total of only 31 dates that are proof issues, 1854-1889. The Four Dollar Stellas have Proof Issues for all four dates, taking up 460 proofs from the original 28,822 total. Half Eagles have a total of 56 dates that are proof issues; 1795-1929. My favorite, The  $10 Eagles, have a total of 57 dates that are proof issues (with my favorite being the 1804 Plain 4, with only a total of 4 being minted) from 1795-1933. And last, but definitely not least, is the Double Eagle. It has a total of 58 dates that are proof issues from 1850-1933.

To break it down, out of 294 Proof issued dates there are only a total of 28,822 coins to have been minted with a lower number that actually still exist. Now, to show you the difference in rarity, for the Washington Quarter Series 1932 to date, the lowest Washington Quarter mintage being the 1932-D with 436,800 being struck.

These Proofs are more than just coins. In my opinion, most do not even have to be in Certified Holders designated with a grade to understand the value of the particular piece. The mintages are so low, the fact will always stand that hoards of these coins will never again “pop up out of a persons attic” or be found in some bank in a distant foreign country. You can definitely sleep well at night knowing it is a very safe place to put your money by purchasing of one of these coins.

Not only do I love and study these coins, I’ve personally purchased for myself some of the rarest of rare Proof Gold coins ever minted.
 My favorite example is the 1804 “plain 4” Proof Eagle, a coin of which only 4 were minted, with one being in the ANA museum. In 1980 this coin was valued at $50,000 and in 2005 was sold by us to a private collection for $2 + million dollars. This coin sold again in 2006, for $5,000,000.
Another example is the 1838 $10 Eagle, another coin with only 3 minted. One specimen resides in the Smithsonian museum and is off the market forever. In 1980 this coin was worth $100,000, We recently placed one of the three known examples for nearly $1.5 million dollars to a collector who is building a “museum grade collection”, which makes me feel great because of the love this individual has for the coin.
You’ll be absolutely mesmerized by the quality and beauty of this next masterpiece – One of the rarest of rare proof Double Eagles, the 1883 $20 Liberty PF66 ULTRA CAMEO certified by NGC. Tied for the finest known with a population report of 2/0. A true “classic rarity”! It is considered one of the 3 rarest of all proof double eagles along with the 1884 and 1887. This coin brought $385,000 in 2006.
Another great Proof Gold rarity I have had the blessing to handle twice, was the 1875 $3, which I first sold just under $100,000, and recently resold for $155,000. The list goes on and on...

There are two ways to view your path when coming into this hobby. One is to collect out of love, and the other is to plan an investment portfolio by which you want to buy coins that you feel confident knowing they will appreciate in value over time. I’ve had Proof Gold buyers come into this hobby by both paths, and you can’t go wrong with either, as long as you have the capital to put into these treasures. It just happens to be a fact when buying Proof Gold for investment purposes every-one wins. Proof Gold is now viewed as art, not just a hard asset that appreciates with spot prices of bullion, therefore it shouldn’t be traded as such.


The soft glow of mystery and beauty that lies between the peripherals of these circular masterpieces will forever stand the patience and wonder of man. Therefore they will always be “wanted”. Whether the person is patient and intellectual, or a hard, fast pace money man wanting the next great investment to be his find. Remember this is our history and we can’t fathom the significance these coins will have 3 years from now, let alone 100 years from now.