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Austrian Philharmonic Gold coins are one of the most beautiful & well crafted in the world. These gold bullion coins were minted in Vienna Austria, & like other coins minted in Austria’s impressive coin minting history of over 800 years, have become famous around the world as one of the most sought after & coveted of all gold bullion coins.
These 24 carat gold 99.99% pure coins are not only attractive in their beauty & design.

ngc_austria_philThe obverse features the great organ in the Vienna’s Golden Concert Hall (Musikverein), which houses the Philharmonic Orchestra. Arranged underneath the organ are the weight, fineness, date of issue, & face value in Euros*. At top sits the official name of the country, ‘REPUBLIK ‘STERREICH’.

The reverse depicts a collection of orchestral instruments: a cello, seven violins, a Vienna horn, bassoon, & harp. These instruments are arranged underneath the German name of the orchestra: ‘WIENER PHILHARMONIKER’.

According to the World Gold Council, this coin was the best selling gold bullion coin for most of the 1990s, exceptional for a coin first struck in 1989. Vienna Philharmonic Austrian gold coins contain no alloyed metals. Minted in Austria by the Austrian mint, established in 1194, this coin contains both ancient beauty as well as a potential contemporary investment well into the 21st century.