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China Gold Panda

Pandas are legal tender coins from China minted in solid Gold that is 99.9% pure, making them among the purest Gold coins in the world. Each Panda Gold coin is recognized as Legal Tender issued exclusively by the People’s Bank of China.

The design theme of the Panda Gold Coin has remained consistent since 1982, however the combination of annual design changes and intricate detailing makes the China Panda gold coins unique. The obverse always features the famous Temple of Heaven in Beijing along with the issue date. On reverse of the coin, the endangered panda is always featured along with the coin’s size, gold fineness, and monetary amount.
Due to the fact that panda gold coins are minted in limited quantities unlike many other gold bullion coins, their popularity and demand seem to increase yearly and have become popular with both bullion investors and coin collectors alike.
Since they were first minted in 1982, the Chinese Panda Coins have been created for the demanding coin collector as a tribute to China’s endangered Giant Panda Bears.