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Dr. D. McC`s Morgan Dollars
Holy snikes Batman is all we can say!!! this group of Morgan dollars is the best high quality group of Morgans for the grades to come on to the market in many many years, and here is why:
1) Dr. McC had a great eye and he used it too, along with the stereo magnifying glasses he wore when he viewed coins which he did twice a month for years.
2) Dr. McC is Gregg Bingham's ( remember the NFL set!)  Dentist and friend and here is what Gregg says about his Numismatic abilities:  "he is in my top 5, better make that top 2 people of being extra picky and difficult to please.  It shows in his Dentistry practice where none are better... thus obviously it carried over to his coins...he sets the bar so high it is nearly impossible to please him."
3) For years he would look at coin after coin and patiently wait for Mr. Right then he would scarf it up in to his safe.
 4) Here is the best part,  Dr. McC ( as did Gregg Bingham hence the NFL set) had a huge advantage over everyone else in the hobby... not only did he deal with the company that has sold more Morgans ( literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth ) than anybody in the history of Morgan dollars. He had a " free exchange " policy at any time...which means at any time if he ran across a better looking or superior coin of the same date and grade he had FREE AUTOMATIC SWAP OUT RIGHTS >>> Are you kidding me??? What?? YEP YOU READ IT RIGHT>>>>>>>> FREE SWAP OUTS ANYTIME!
So don't be bashful here...step up to the plate, as opportunity is not knocking at the door here's not banging on the door's beating the darn door down ... you will not be disappointed ... they won't be around very long.
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